Success Stories

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) Success Stories

I went from feeling unworthy to feeling confident that I can take on the world!

Catalina Riebe

Mother of 1

I did not expect how dramatic the results would be...
I experience far less anxiety and feel more confident...

Ian Maxwell

Kalei McClelland

Mother of 2

I like how transforming and extremely valuable this method is...

I am definitely more rooted in and aware of myself. I would say the benefits are subtle in nature but I can say for certain that I have never stepped this much into my "power/purpose" ever before. I am starting to walk the talk.


Mother of 2

For years I have felt a blockage in my career life as a freelance designer. I could only explain it as a wall that would prevent me from sharing my work and getting new clients.

I had an RTT session with Nathalie and the results were immediate. I was nervous at first, but Nathalie has a calming and nurturing presence which made me feel safe and comfortable.

I was able to recall memories from a young age and made me realize where my beliefs and insecurities were coming from and how they had formed at a very young age.

I had been carrying them in me for over 30 years.

After the session, I immediately felt like a big burden had been lifted and that the beliefs I was carrying for so many years were not my own but my mothers.

I have been sharing my creative work freely with the world now. The session was life changing for me.


I notice changes, I’d say big ones: an unusual lightness and more introspective awareness.

I feel good, not looking back and few things happen that make me think this is a permanent change.

On a rainy day I do not feel depressed. Things are smooth and more serene for sure. Sleeping has improved and I feel lighter.

I am at a change of medications (I am taking 3 mood stabilizers) and if I am forgetting, my mood stays constant.

RTT with Nathalie was an amazing experience for me. Even the psychiatrist saw the difference in me!


Mother of 1

The Rapid Transformational Therapy is very powerful and it works. I have been to therapists in the past and tried all different types of therapies from regular therapy (listening) to reiki to tapping…and nothing has ever worked because it never got to the root of the cause – with all of my therapy sessions in the past, I always felt that I paid a lot of money for virtually nothing and eventually I just stopped going or even trying to work on myself.

And now with the RTT – it’s not only the method you are using but it is you and the positive energy that you bring with it that makes it work so well. What you are doing is incredible…you are healing the world, one person, at a time:)

Thank you:)

I immediately felt empowered to enforce my boundaries and change the way I respond to others…

Daniel Lamb

Emma Ashurst

Nathalie has been part of my healing process for the past 5 years starting with yoga classes, Huna healing and most recently Rapid Transformational Therapy. She has held space for me when I literally couldnt breathe. Her wisdom, support and kindness helped me get to some of the root causes of my pain and helped provide strategies to overcome them.

Nathalie makes you feel at ease and takes genuine care in your wellbeing and healing. She also challenges in a supportive way to ensure you are being true and honest to yourself.

I recommend Nathalie to anyone who is looking for a holistic approach to their wellbeing and open and ready to do work on themselves to continue their healing journey.

Nadia Qasmieh

Mother of 2

Working with Nat was nothing short of life-altering. After one RTT session with her, we got to the root cause of my food allergies. I was able to reintroduce foods I have cut out for 7 years and felt no negative reactions. Most importantly, my relationship with food changed. Instead of being afraid to eat and dreading mealtimes, I now eat to get nourished, gain energy, and experience the pleasure and joy of eating all sorts of foods.

Nat is also full of compassion and consistently followed up and guided me through the challenges that came up after the session. She genuinely cares. I am so glad I’m starting the new decade with a new mindset on life.


Mother of 1

This was a very transforming experience for me!

It gave me back my sanity and peace of mind as I was thinking there was something very wrong with me and there was no hope, and I was so against the idea of taking medication for the rest of my life.

After my RTT sessions, I was able to feel free of the heavy anxiety I was experiencing. I started understanding what was triggering my depression and since the session I have been in a much better place.

The change was almost instantly, everything was back to regular life but much better.

This was an amazingly easy and calm type of therapy. I felt very comfortable with the sessions. It was emotional but it felt good to relieve all that stress and lingering sadness from the past.


Mother of 4

Nathalie has been pivotal in guiding me into a deeper understanding of my trauma and childhood conditioning. I am aware of what I need and attend to those needs in a skillful way so I can be more effective as a parent and teacher. In addition, I am more present and compassionate with my children and students.

I respond to situations from a place of understanding and awareness because I am able to regulate my emotions and thoughts in the moment.

There are many reasons why I have seen an exponential growth in these last 3 years with Nathalie, whether it be her mindful way of listening, her deep understanding of the nature of the mind or her effective way of guiding, they all have contributed to my growth.

Yoga Success Stories


Mother of 2

I have had the pleasure of practicing yoga with Nathalie for over five years.

She helped me to see that what you do on the mat is reflective of what you do in everyday life and that yoga is really a means for personal growth, physically and mentally. If you can learn how to change your behaviour during your practice, then you can learn how to change your behaviour in the rest of your life. Nathalie keeps you honest during your practice by always encouraging you to push yourself outside your comfort zone as often as possible. Before I started practicing yoga with her I never thought of yoga as being challenging or life changing, but over the years she has helped me to see that it is both.

Violetta House

Mother of 1

I have been practicing Forrest Yoga with Nathalie for nearly 15 years and the journey continues to amaze me.

Nathalie is always tuned in to what I need and where I need to go before I am, and guides me there by focusing my attention with a few simple words and gentle touch. This practice keeps me grounded and connected with who I am, and has become essential to my wellbeing.

Anita Kuri

Mother of 2

Nathalie has helped guide my yoga journey for over 8 years. Her tailored and patient approach to teaching focuses on my needs and allows me to feel safe, confident and encouraged. Nathalie’s compassionate teaching and support also helped me maintain my mobility and a positive mindset through a very difficult and painful period related to a back issue.

My practice with Nathalie has increased my strength, flexibility and body awareness, but more importantly, Nathalie also shares different perspectives and yoga philosophies, which have helped me create better mental calmness, focus and become much more mindful in my practice and everyday life.

I always appreciate how much thought and passion Nathalie puts in to prepare class themes, supporting poses, readings and her newsletters. I look forward to my weekly classes with her and I’m very grateful for our time together!

Cathy Morris

Mother of 4

I have been doing yoga with Nathalie for 8 years.

She is an amazing instructor who cares about your whole well being - physical, emotional and spiritual. Doing yoga with Nathalie has improved every aspect of my life. I am able to do all my other workouts without injury because of Nathalie’s yoga class! The benefits are incredible and I am so grateful to have Nathalie in my life!

Kim McLaughlin

Mother of 3

I have been a student of Nathalie’s for 8 years and connected with her immediately.

Her insights and ability to connect to you personally touches your heart and gives you a sense of accomplishment at any level. Her soft voice provides detailed directions for each pose to ensure everything is executed properly and provides adjustments to cater to all levels. I would highly recommend Nathalie as she has a love of yoga that is portrayed in her life and her classes.

Lesley Harris

Nathalie has been an integral part of my healing journey for nearly ten years.

She has helped me in becoming more aware of where stress manifests in my body and how to alleviate those areas through insightful poses and breathing. Nathalie is a naturally gifted instructor and I am very grateful for the ways I have benefited under her care.