Work-Life Balance Coaching

Do you want a better connection with your kids and partner?

I help Busy Parents find the balance and happiness they're seeking in their lives by guiding them to manage their triggers and emotions productively.

Find More Time for Yourself

Raise Good Humans

Have Stronger Relationships


Get Solutions to the following situations:

  • I want to learn how to manage my emotions so they do not control my actions towards my kids and partner
  • I want to respond better to my kids’ behaviors and attitudes so we can have a strong, lasting relationship
  • I want to create a good work-life balance to spend more quality time with my family
  • I want to take care of myself regularly so I am more calm and patient with my children

Lisa Luckett

ACC, CPC ELI-MP, Coach, Author, Speaker, TEDx speaker, Mother of 3

Finally free of negative emotions which I had been unable to loosen after years of therapy…

Working with Natalie finally allowed my mind to rest. Her acute skills to narrow down and find the root cause of the issues was nothing short of remarkable. Her empathy, kindness, and intelligence made me feel heard, seen and understood. Her seasoned wisdom and experiential knowledge regarding the treatment of deep human emotions gave me confidence both in her and in the process.

Why Me?

Why I am the smart choice to help you thrive as a parent?

More Time for Yourself

You will be guided to make simple changes that will help you control your emotions so you aren't feeling so drained at the end of the day and you can make time for your own self-care needs and desires.

Better Emotional Health

With my help, you will uncover, recognize and process old beliefs and habits that are affecting your current relationships with your children, spouse, and family so you can manage your triggers and emotions productively.

Stronger Bonds with Your Kids

Raising good humans is hard work, and it's important to build and maintain strong bonds with your kids so you can teach them the right things and build lasting relationships.

Rafiq Qutub

Dad of 2

There was tremendous freedom in accepting my past and realizing that it does not need to dictate my present…

This mindset shift has made me more empathic with my wife and children. I now have more positive communication with my children and I'm teaching them how to recognize and communicate their own feelings. I believe this will help them develop emotional intelligence and mental resilience as they grow into adults.

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Schedule a Clarity Call

We'll talk about what you're struggling with and find the best option for you to get the results you're seeking.


Get Your 90-Day Plan

I will develop a personalized plan that will walk through what you need to do to overcome your past and take control of your future.


Create Work-Life Balance

After you complete the program, you'll have learned to create balance, manage your triggers and emotions, have more time, and build stronger relationships.


Mother of 2

I went to an RTT session with Nathalie and the results were immediate.

I was nervous at first but Nathalie has a calming and nurturing presence which made me feel safe and comfortable. After the session, I immediately felt like a big burden had been lifted. It was life changing for me!


Top Questions & Answers

  • Who should work with me?

I work with busy parents who want the balance they're seeking in their lives by guiding them to process and manage their emotions productively.

  • What does working with me look like?

This is a collaborative process where I am committed to be fully present and guide you during your Clarity call, monthly RTT sessions and weekly Coaching calls.

  • What can you expect in a RTT session?

The experience feels different for different people. Most people feel relaxed and at ease. What’s most important is to know that how you feel isn’t an indicator of how effective it is. Regardless of what it feels like – it’s working.

  • What can you expect after the 90 days?

You will have a good understanding of where your emotions stem from, recognise them, process and release them in a constructive way. You will know how to balance your Life and Emotions.

Why Me?

Meet Your Guide,
Nathalie LeFave!

An experienced and highly sought after practitioner in Holistic Health and Wellness for the past 15 years, a homeschool mom of 3 boys and running a business....

She understands all the physical, mental and emotional challenges you are currently facing as a working parent or an entrepreneur.

Under Nathalie’s guidance, you’ll finally be able to:

  • Manage your triggers and emotions
  • Raise Thriving and Responsible Kids
  • Have Stronger Relationships
  • Care for yourself

This method helped me forgive myself which transformed my relationships with my kids…

Ying Cao

The most powerful thing I learned is how to stop shouting at my kids…