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The right support you need to parent your kids with calm and balance

This is done through the Mind, Body and Energy connection - Let me show you how…


These are the Core Pillars of the E-Motion Control Method:

Mind: We Uncover the root causes of limiting beliefs, perceptions and thoughts that are generating triggers and negative emotions. Then we install new supporting beliefs that help you parent with calmness and presence.

Body: We Identify and help you recognize your body’s responses promptly when triggered so you can positively manage your frustration and impatience with your kids and others

Energy: You will learn how to take and make time for yourself to fill your cup daily so you have the patience and energy to raise loving caring kids and thrive in other aspects of your life

karenne Lachapelle

Mother of 2

ACC, CPC ELI-MP, Coach, Author, Speaker, TEDx speaker, Mother of 3

Working with Nat makes me feel okay being Human making mistakes and I have Hope & Support.

She helps and encourages my children and I to regulate, express and release our emotions constructively.

She has taught me to be aware of my own emotional state and helps me to respond and react positively when I am triggered by my children and partner. Our work helps me create a peaceful and safe environment at home.


12 Week Forrest Yoga Sessions:

This is a group weekly class for either in person or virtual focused on intention, awareness, and breath to heal the physical, mental, and emotional body.

  • In person or Online
  • Cultivate presence
  • Body awareness
  • Create a strong relationship with your body
  • Feel, process and release repressed Emotions

Mary-Elaine Petrucci

Healthcare Expert

I would have gladly paid thousands of dollars more to receive the results I did….

The RTT and coaching sessions to resolve my past were invaluable and I would definitely recommend Nathalie to anyone who needs to overcome roadblocks that hinder their personal and career growth!


Private E-Motion Membership Community

  • Access to my written and video content on parenting
  • Access to yoga videos
  • Be part of a community of other like-minded parents in a private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Group Zoom Calls

Emma Ashurst

She took genuine care in my wellbeing and healing…

Nathalie has been part of my healing process for the past 7 years starting with yoga, Huna healing and RTT. She has held space for me when I literally couldn’t breathe. Her wisdom, support and kindness helped me get to some of the root causes of my pain and helped provide strategies to overcome them.


90-Day E-Motion Control Accelerator:

  • 60 mins Clarity Consultation to Develop your Personalized 90-Day Plan
  • 3 x Monthly 2.5Hr RTT sessions to uncover limiting beliefs
  • 3 Personalized Transformational audio recordings to install new supporting beliefs
  • 1:1 Weekly Coaching Calls to manage and change your negative emotions and reactions to real-time triggers
  • 1 x 60mins Huna Energy Healing Session to release old suppressed emotions so you are restored to your natural state of happiness
  • Private Members FB Community where you can connect with other like-minded parents
  • Access to weekly live online Forrest yoga classes to connect with the body and to move energy

Why Me?

That’s Why You Should Schedule A Clarity And Compassion Call

I get it — you have lots on your plate and a lot of choices for how you’re going to parent with calmness and I’m just one of many….

That’s why you should schedule a Clarity Call.

  • Meet me and see if we are a good fit for each other
  • Get clarity on which option, if any, works for your needs
  • Be one step closer to finding a solution for you